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Khmmam nundi hyderabad ki veluthunnanu abba train lo godava godava ga undi naaku chala chirakuga undi kaneesam kurchovadam ki seat ledu nunchodanniki kuda stalam ledu .naa pakkana kurchoni unna vaallanu chusi naaku eershya vachindi. inthalo naa eyes okari pyena paddai ade aunty vayasu 36Yrs untai chusthunte manchi kasi ga undi dhani sallu untai konaseeema kobbari bondallu ga unnai ika neenu andarini tappinchukoni aunty paakka ku vellanu neenu aunty sallu thappa emi chuda daluchukoledu evaraina nannu chsthunnara anna vishayam kuda marichi poyanu . aunty naa vypu gamanisthune undi nenu pattinchukoledu ap.................http://indianromanticstories.blogspot.in/2008/04/viraham-theerindi-telugu.html

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hello friends, I am Pooja Chaudhary. I have get a huge amounts of emails of your love and affection. Thanks a lot. As you good peoples can gues that is not possible for me to reply all those. Please don't mind. Give me your love and affection in mails.

I am Pooja Chaudhary. I am 21 years old. I am 5'5" tall with big breasts and big swaying ass. Fair color. I have firm breasts and I am very proud of those globes. They make every male look at me twice. I have good figure 36-26-36. I Have light brown color pointed nipples with big areola.

When I was at college I went for my tuitions to my Tuition classes far away from home. I used to return from the classes somewhere at 9 PM. By the way let me tell you that I loves to show off my hot little body, but I did it in a tasteful way so that my family wouldn't really know and the friends at college too wont feel that I was doing it on purpose. Any way I had the Ok back with the incidence! That day I was returning from my classes and I had to walk about 10 minutes to my house from the nearest bus stop. The road usually was deserted at this hours and I had felt afraid every day I walked down. I used to imagine somebody comng up and raping me and the idea always made my choot wet! I don't know why but I loved to walk down that distance in spite of the fear that somebody would rape me. And the idea always made me mastrubate in the bathroom as soon as I reached home. As I was walking with my heart beating faster, I heard a husky male voice call "here, pretty girl! And then another voice said "Hey what a nice body she has! See her walk! Ohh Sali bahoot mast hai! "

My heart dropped to my stomach and I felt nauseous, my head snapped up, eyes wide. All those things that they tell you in self-defense class came rushing to my brain. but I did none of those things, foolishly thinking that I was perfectly safe. But I was wrong. I focused in on four of the construction workers sitting in the open place and drinking desi liquor. I looked nervously at them and continued walking when one of them stepped in front of me and said "Sali itni jaldi kya hai?"

"I have to get back to my home. Please janne do na?" I stammered. My heart pounding so hard I was sure they could hear it. I glanced over at the other three who were still sitting and were about to get up. They all were staring intently at me. I tried to side step the one who talked to me, only to have him move in the same direction and ask " why don't you stay and have some of this desi liquor with us?" "Ohhh What are youtalking? Kya baat kar rahe ho? Main shareef ladki hu! Daru nahi peeti! Chalo muze jaane do!"

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